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Security when surfing the Internet is extremely important, because of the information that is shared in the network. Especially, in mail services, security is even more important because the information sent and received there is of a more personal and intimate nature. There are entities and governmental or private organizations that try to access this information with the intention of manipulating it, almost always for evil or perverse purposes.

In this way, it is important to have mail services that are fully committed to preserving the security and privacy of the information sent and received by mail, as well as the identity and data of its users. The best service in this field is Ctemplar, since it has security innovations that make it an unbeatable option for you when sending Secure Mail.
To begin with, Ctemplar has a 4096-bit encryption system which is very reliable and secure, and they never track your IP address so that your identity and location always remain anonymous. And it’s most important innovation is the security system of 4 walls, developed and designed by the qualified specialists of Ctemplar, which allows end-to-end encryption to guarantee the security and privacy of all sensitive information that you can send and receive through the secure email.
In addition, Ctemplar has legal protection, since its servers are located in Iceland where they are protected by the Data Protection Law of that country so as not to filter any type of information to public or private entities, because this law is based on promoting the freedom of expression and anonymity of those who transmit personal data. At the same time, your servers do not access your inbox, they only transmit it, in this way, the security of your information is guaranteed.
In short, do not hesitate to enter ctemplar.com to access the best email service, which offers you the possibility to send an encrypted email when you need it, without any restriction, always taking as a priority the protection of your data and security thereof.

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