Testimony of a survivor of thyroid cancer, really, encouraging

The experience of Pauline Farace has led her to leave a legacy to people suffering from thyroid cancer. This makeup artist, 54, from San Jose, California, was diagnosed with this condition in 1995.

At only 33 years old and a small girl, she was surprised when the doctor informed her that she had thyroid cancer. However, she did not give up on her project to participate in the Underwater Healer About Face, because she wanted to be part of something that would make her feel proud. In addition, the type of cancer he suffered was not very advanced.
Through the experience with the thyroid cancer, you have discovered many feelings in your life, such as energy, compassion and how decisive it can be, to know everything related to health care. When undergoing surgery to remove the gland, his intuition was aroused and has served as a guide on many occasions.
After overcoming this stage of her life, with good spirits and many positive expectations, she volunteers and collaborates in the Look Good Feel Better (Look Good, Feel Better), a program that belongs to the American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society).
Her activity develops as a make-up artist and, at the same time, organizes the Healing Touch of Beauty, through which she provides professional beauty treatments to women affected by thyroid cancer and other conditions.
By submitting to the underwater spectacle, it was a very pleasant experience. Feeling the water and the camera taking pictures, it was not traumatic, is a different and innovative way of doing the portraits.
The photographer Erena, did an extraordinary job when taking the photos. In addition, the relaxed and quite comfortable attitude that Paulina had helped her. Actually, the work was not difficult and the results were wonderful. The effect of the water made the experience very enjoyable.
To admire the work of this project and the artistic photos, you can visit the website http://underwaterhealer.com/portfolio/items/thyroid-cancer-pauline/. You will appreciate all the beauty of the photos and the magnificent results.

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