Doug DeMuro only talks about cars

The first thing you think when you hear the term Youtuber, is someone who gets some popularity through the transmission of personal videos focused on varied topics of any kind, in this case we bring you a character that breaks the mold completely, because is a prominent professional who decides to comment in a very peculiar way on the automotive industry and its affine, and is none other than the very controversial, hated by many, and loved by others, the popular Doug DeMuro.

This Bachelor of Economics graduated from Emory University located in the metropolitan area of the state of Atlanta, is a native of the state of Colorado. While studying at university, Doug DeMuro worked for the company Decatur and the yellow pennant Ferrari in the area of customer service technical level, then went on to form the well-known Porsche brand, his career was excellent and always on the rise, vast experience that he obtained during this time he expressed it in letters and thus gained recognition by publishers and websites related to the car business such as; AutotraderOverster, TheTruthAbout Cars and Jalopnik, which allowed him to retire and devote himself completely to express analysis on the characteristics of the cars.
He began to publish videos on YouTube’s most prestigious online channel since 2013, his natural way of explaining details, advantages and disadvantages about the automotive industry, considered jocular by some, is what has allowed him to gain followers.
With his personal method of qualities that should be considered at the moment of making a decision about the acquisition of a car, called the Doug DeMuro Score that define the following aspects; style that is about the impression caused by the car at a glance, driving referred to the risks that are taken in driving, the cool factor that talks about the turns that can be made with a car, and the importance that has gained a automobile for the general public, this only for cars used on weekends, those for daily use include other factors such as characteristics and equipment, luxury, quality, practicality and value

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