Working on a New House Design

Obviously the trick is to get the money together, but we think we have what we need to build a small house. We have a piece of land that belonged to my grand dad. He bought it as a wedding gift, but at the time it seemed like it was a distant hope to be able to build a house on the land. At any rate we saved long and hard and now we are ready to build a small home, large enough for the two of us and one more. I worry about keyless theft fix, because we have decided that we would like to use a keyless entry system. I decided that because my father in law is a bit of an expert on that sort of gadget. He is a locksmith and he is always keen to learn about the latest thing. It is a great thing, but he says that there is some reason to worry about the clever thieves.

In fact we are not going to need to worry too much about any thieves that are not clever. As I said the father in law is a very good locksmith and as such he is fully aware of how easy it is for a good thief to get in a house. I would suspect that a lot of the more advanced thieves are as up to speed on his job as he is. If you wanted to get in and out of a place quickly, then the stuff that he knows is what you would need to know. At any rate he is going to fix us up with a fully functional alarm system and the sort of doorlocks which are going to slow down any thief a very great deal. Of course you would hope that gives the police time to react.

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