The Cool Things About Modern CCTV Systems

Cameras are everywhere now and for good reason too. They are a twofold attack on crime. Firstly, CCTV systems let you monitor and record any illegal activity. Secondly, the cameras that are visible are a deterrent. Criminals just choose to pick an easier target. I am a big fan of signs that announce video surveillance in an area. Some crimes of opportunity have the offenders not look around first to see if they are being watched. Since the goal is no crime, the signs keep them aware that they are being watched.

For those crimes that are perpetrated by criminals who think they will get away with it even with cameras in place, the recorded video works to get them apprehended and convicted. Even ones who try to hide their faces or disguise themselves get recognized by someone when crime video gets on the evening news. Cameras work in many ways to deter crime. So much so that they are a staple security item for just about every business going back to when the cameras were huge and grainy black and white.

I remember old cameras that used videotape systems to record the surveillance footage. Now CCTV systems use DVR systems with high capacity hard drives that can store a year of surveillance footage from multiple cameras. Also, a system like that can be purchased by your average family nowadays for no more cost than an average laptop or tablet. The cameras that go with the systems now have infrared (IR) emitters to record images in total darkness. Many cameras also pan, tilt and zoom. Probably the coolest thing are IP cameras and systems that can have their feeds securely accessed over the Internet through a browser or smartphone app. You can watch a live feed of what is going on at your house or place of business from your mobile!

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