Spent the Day Down at the Park

Eve and I did a lot of the tourist stuff today. She went to watch one of her friends jump out of an airplane at Netheravon. A charity called the Army Parachute Association has a service where you can do a tandem skydive in London, although really this is up the A345 on the River Avon. You have to pass some tests I think, or at least you have to appear to be healthy. I suppose they want to know if you are going to drop dead of a weak heart if you try to jump out of an airplane. Eve tried to talk me in to the thing, but I am pretty sure that she was just seeing if she could mess with me. Of course I am pretty much afraid of heights. It is not as though I am terrified of climbing up a ladder, but I do not like the ladder if it is too high.

For instance our house is a split level and so I am fine on the front side of the house. That is probably about a dozen feet high and I figure that if I fell off the roof there, it would hurt a lot, but probably would not kill me. I might limp away or I might need an ambulance, but I would eventually get up. On the other side of the house it is twice as far from the roof down to the ground, and of course there is also a concrete patio under about half of it. So I do not like my chances of walking away from that sort of fall. I just want to avoid situations where I might die and of course I might die for real if I jump out of a plane and that parachute fails.

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