Safety Ladders and Stairs Are Better

When my maintenance crew goes up on the roof, they used to use a ladder that they would prop up against the wall. While this was effective, I did not think that it was necessarily safe, especially since they are often carrying heavy materials with them. I wanted to see if I could find safety ladders that would be a lot safer for their physical safety as well as my mental well being. What I ended up finding was so much better not only for them but for me and everyone else who was not able to access the roof prior to this.

I did a basic search online for safety ladders, and I was able to find a company that not only provides those but other safety products as well for people who must access roofs and other high areas. I thought that I had wanted a ladder, but I found stairs that they also sell that are better suited for my team. They have different kinds, but all are designed so they meet all Health and Safety requirements. The stairs are steel, and they can be either fixed or free standing.

I definitely wanted fixed because there was no reason we would have to move them at any point. We could order one that is straight up in one direction, or we could order one that does a 180 degree turn midway up. This allows a smaller space to be used, but I was not concerned about that. I liked the one where they could just walk straight up. The price was reasonable, and it was installed quickly. It is really nice to be able to go up on the roof with the others now, and I know they feel much better about it too since they feel more secure and safe with the stairs now.

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