Reasons to Use Weld Fume Filter Machines

I have always been concerned with safety ever since I learned to weld years ago. My first exposure to the fumes of welding let me know I needed to do something to protect myself for the long term. I would wear a respirator when other guys just breathed the stuff in. Now that I have my own welding shop, I use weld fume filter machines at every station. We also have whole building ventilation to keep the air as clean of welding fumes as possible. Two things you are really concerned about as a welder for the long term are your eyes and your lungs. The occasional slag burn is just part of the job.

I try to make it so no fumes are detectable. We have air quality analysis done on a regular basis. It can vary from season to season and depending on what is being welded. Our weld fume filter machines are much appreciated by the welders. No more burning throats or coughing. Not more foul taste in your mouth from exposure to hazardous particulates. The off-gassing from welding can be toxic. Your average welder can take breathing in the fumes and keep on welding, but it is not good for his or her health. This is why my shop is outfitted with the machines that filter out all of the fumes made by welding.

The system we use has a metal filter to catch all of the sparks, then a pleated filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. The multistage system cleans the air of the byproduct gases and particulates thrown off during the welding process. Keeping my employees breathing well improves their productivity too. Your workers will work and not complain because they are either used to it or just want to keep their jobs. However, it is your responsibility to make sure they are breathing clean air so they can still breathe when they retire.

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