Playing Around with Stuff I Found at an Auction

I am playing around with this stuff I got at an auction last weekend. In essence I hung around until it was all over and made an offer on the stuff that was left over which was worth taking a flier on. There was a couple of things that I did not want to mess with, but some of it was worth a bit of money for salvage. There were a couple of CCTV kits, which seemed to be completely worthless. It was obvious that they were about ten years old and well past their expiration date when it came to useful life. They probably make systems which have twice as clear of a picture as these old things do. However if you take them to a junk yard they will try to take the precious metals out of it. They are not worth a lot of money, but then you did not see me giving a lot of money for them.

I figure that I can try to sell them at an auction site like ebay. It is not likely that they will be able to sell for much, but again I can make a profit off them without getting much for them. It is all a side line for me after all. Most of all I am doing this stuff to keep my hand in the game, but I do not have to make a killing off everything. People mess up when they get greedy. You just have to make enough money off the deal for it to be worth the time and trouble that you put in the task. If you have very little in the whole process, then all you need to do is get very little plus a small profit to make things worth it.

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