Our Senior Group Hired a Coach That Could Hold 60 Passengers

We needed a big bus that could hold at least 60 senior citizens to take everyone to the event. My wife and I were tasked with coming up with a plan for entertainment for our senior group. We decided on a popular theatre play that was accompanied with dinner and some shopping. In order for us all to be able to stay together from place to place we looked into coach hire in Bath. The company we used had big and small coaches. We got a big one with a bathroom. You have no idea how grateful people were to have the bathroom on the coach. I know I was.

The professional driver was very courteous. We old folks can be cranky and demanding, and he never was impolite at all. I know I was having my patience tried by some of the group! I applaud his ability to stay professional even among a group of testy seniors. We did have a great time. The shopping and dining were great. It was fun to sit in the restaurant as one big group. We milled around and talked before and after dinner. The driver was sure to get everyone loaded up in time to get to the play. Sure, a few got tired and dozed during the slow scenes. However, we all had a splendid time. I never dozed. I was too excited to experience each moment as it unfolded. It was like a date night with my wife how it used to be.

I might have a little hitch in my step at times now, but I still like to get out and see things. It was sure nice to have someone else drive. I did not have to worry about driving tired or night driving. It started to rain on our way home. I very much dislike night driving in the rain with my old eyes. The coach we hired from Bath was a great help getting us all to and from our outing.

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