My Gift Was Part Ownership in One of the Racehorse Syndicates

My brother wanted us to go in together as part of one of the racehorse syndicates for us to own a racehorse. He has always kept me and him in competition for the coolest birthday gifts that are also affordable. I have thought up a lot of things to get him over the years, but he sure beat me with the idea to have us be part owners of a racing horse. The syndicates are neat in that you can go in with many others to have a portion of ownership in a very valuable racing thoroughbred.

Now my brother and I are part owner along with many others of a racehorse who is competing and winning. The really neat thing is the value of your investment for a winning horse. Sure, it’s a gamble, but that is what horse racing is. It is like anything else you bet on in pretty much any investment. If you buy a stock or even a mutual fund, you are hoping the company or bunch of companies start performing better so you earn a return on your investment. You are betting on their success. Well, it is similar to getting a part ownership in one of the racehorse syndicates except you are betting that the horse will win races.

I think it is interesting the similarities the two forms of investing have. I measure risk in selecting individual company stocks to invest in. We did the same thing with the racehorse we picked. I think that one of the essential keys is to get involved with one of the racehorse syndicates that is performing at the top of their game. You want to get in with one that has a lot of winning horses. The more wins your horse has, the better the returns on the money you invest.

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