I Got to Be the Team Captain

I am not quite sure what the leadership assessment is among the guys, but they decided that I am going to be the captain of the team. The big thing of that job is that you are the only one who is supposed to talk to the referee. It is not good to have eleven guys yelling at the referee. Obviously you are often going to find his rulings to be wrong. It is hard for you to be fair and impartial to some guy who has just ruled against you in a game where every goal is beyond price. That is why there is some much diving in football. It is obvious that one goal is usually the difference between a win and a loss. So you are deeply motivated to influence the referee’s decisions to your advantage.

It is hard for you to think about whether or not you are right or wrong about it when you are trying to win the game. Obviously many people are willing to show a lot more moral flexibility in what they will do to influence the referee. I have to maintain my composure, even when the other team is acting as though they were shot dead by a sniper. That is very frustrating, even though you know quite well that your own team’s players are diving as egregiously as the other side is. You have to be a leader by not losing your cool even when you are certain that the decisions are unfair. In fact it obvious that it is not possible for the refs to be fair so long as diving is as prevalent as it. The best thing would be to kick players out of the match and then suspend them for very long times if they do it.

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