How We Use In-Store Promotional Products for Advertising

Promotional Gifts - Promotional items Blog - Part 7We sell parts to companies that then sell our parts to customers over counters at stores. That is why we continually keep a supply of promotional products sydney has to offer that we hand out to the stores that sell our stuff. We take a multi-tiered approach to promo products. One of my favorites is the counter mats that have our company info printed on them in full color. A counter mat is a cushioned mat you put on a counter next to a cash register or computer. You put it right there where the customer will be standing when they ask you about the parts or products they want you to help them find.

In our case, it is car parts. We have a bunch of different counter mats printed with our different products. All of them have our company info and website on them. When the parts person goes and gets a specific item a customer wants, they come back and sit it down on the counter mat.

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