Cable Television and Future Changes

Recently I attempted to do what many of my friends and family have been doing by cutting my cable cord in order to rely on nothing but the web as my source for entertainment content. Unfortunately for me there was not ‘enough’ that I could find. Yes, there is plenty of content on the web that I am sure would no doubt appeal to me but lacking a reliable tool to find it or not having it more or less in large archives akin to YouTube, I instead went back to to find a provider that was in my area.

There really is nothing wrong with cable television. My problem with websites like Netflix is the disparity between how long I spend browsing for something to watch and how long I actually spend watching something. Sure, they have amazing content and a handful of the shows that they’ve been producing are incredible. However, the rest of their catalogue is just so overwhelming that it’s hard to know what exactly I am looking for. Even their ‘A.I’ which had been designed to help people like myself find something, anything, to watch has fell flat on its face which is unfortunate. I wish there was a better way.

Until things on that end improve, I’ll be sticking with cable. It has everything that I know I want while even providing an On Demand service which allows me to watch those things anytime if I’ve missed the show. I’ll certainly continue to supplement with Netflix, Crunchyroll and others but cable television is always going to be part of my life at least. It might change in the coming months and years but it’s going to be the same sort of subscription service tailored more to suit the needs and wants of the consumers.

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