Basic Steps On How To Eliminate Arthritis

21 Sep 2012 by Janet J. Portis, No Comments »

One of the things to consider when dealing with arthritis pain is good posture. The stress, that is dispersed throughout the joints in your body, gets greatly reduced with proper posture. You can improve your posture by strengthening the core muscles in your back and abdomen. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed between your feet and be sure that your shoulders are drawn back. A cane can greatly improve your mobility. Many arthritis sufferers choose not to use a cane, because they believe it signifies a disability. If a cane helps to alleviate your pain and help your mobility then it makes you less disabled, not more. Find one that you like, and congratulate yourself on finding a way to help reduce your pain.

Conquer your weight and fitness issues. Being overweight can negatively impact your arthritis symptoms. If you drop some pounds, you could reduce the pain and other effects of your condition. You would be shocked at what losing just a couple of pounds can do for your arthritis.

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