A Most Romantic Night Indeed

I had been dating my girlfriend for nearly eight months before I popped the big question. I know some of my friends thought that I was really rushing things, but I knew I could not wait another day to ask her to be my wife. I knew from our first date that she was the one, and she feels the same way. I wanted it to be a night that she will always remember, and that is why I decided to do a chauffeur hire in Bristol. I wanted it to be extremely romantic, and I knew that was the first step in making sure it was.

It helps that the company that I have experience with the company that I use. It is the same company that my work uses for visiting businessman since they are usually here to work out lucrative contracts. I knew that if these chauffeured cars were good enough to impress men signing multimillion dollar deals, then one was definitely good enough to drive my future wife and I around on one of the most important days of our lives.I contacted the company and explained what I wanted to do, and they recommended a luxury vehicle that would be perfect for the occasion.

The driver picked me up first at my house. We then went to get my girlfriend at her house. She knew we were going out to dinner, but she thought it was a fancy dinner to celebrate my dad’s promotion at work. While he did get promoted, the celebration was strictly about me and her that night. When we pulled up to our favorite restaurant, I think she realized what was happening because we rarely get to go there because it is so expensive. The rest of the night went perfectly, and it was such a romantic touch to have a chauffeur take us to the various places I wanted to show her before popping the big question. She said yes, by the way!

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