Started Working As a Carpet Cleaner

I have been out of school for about three months and I have been working at a couple of jobs trying to make a little money. I have been working for a chemist shop down the street from my Mum’s flat and of course that is not going to pay enough for me to ever get any place in life. Now I am helping out with a company that does carpet cleaning in Birmingham. They have a great website but will only need me if they are going to do a really big job. If it is a small job then they send out a small van with one man. I ride shotgun with a guy who runs the operation. We have a big van with two big carpet cleaning machines and all of the other stuff. Some of the time we stuff another man and another machine in the van, but that is not too much fun. One of us has to ride in the back with the gear and it is usually me since I am the low man on the totem pole. Obviously this is not a long term solution to my money problems, but it is a step up from what I had been doing. I am working to get my operator’s license right now, because I need to be able to drive the van myself. In order to make good money doing this sort of thing, then they have to be able to toss you the keys to the van and send you out on your own. Of course you have to learn how to do the work before they are going to let you do it and in my case I need to be able to operate a motor vehicle so that I can drive the van to the place where the carpets need to be cleaned.