I Wasn’t Graced with Thick Hair

I have four sisters, and they all take after our mother. They are tall and thin, and they have the most gorgeous hair ever. I take after our father though. I am several inches shorter, and my hair is thin rather than thick and lush. I don’t mind being shorter, but I have always wanted to have hair like the other women in my family. That is why I started wearing curly clip in hair extensions a few years ago. I love the way my hair is thicker when I wear them, so it is just a part of my beauty regime now.

It was not easy at first finding the perfect clip in extensions. I thought that they would all be very similar, but I found this was not the case through trial and error. The first couple that I bought were from a local department store. I know that these are usually discount items, but I thought that they would still be nice. They looked fake in my hair though. I tried a few other brands, but it was not until my oldest sister told me to look at My Natural Hair Extensions that I found the clip in extensions that I still wear today.

These are better quality because they only use certain hair to make the extensions. They also use only virgin hair, so there are no harsh chemicals or anything added to the process. Just looking at the picture on the website made me realize that these are quality clip ins, and I was excited to try them. After I placed the order and they were delivered, I could not believe the difference when I put them in. They actually looked real, which was new for me! I really like having hair that matches my sisters and mom now too.