A Most Romantic Night Indeed

I had been dating my girlfriend for nearly eight months before I popped the big question. I know some of my friends thought that I was really rushing things, but I knew I could not wait another day to ask her to be my wife. I knew from our first date that she was the one, and she feels the same way. I wanted it to be a night that she will always remember, and that is why I decided to do a chauffeur hire in Bristol. I wanted it to be extremely romantic, and I knew that was the first step in making sure it was.

It helps that the company that I have experience with the company that I use. It is the same company that my work uses for visiting businessman since they are usually here to work out lucrative contracts. I knew that if these chauffeured cars were good enough to impress men signing multimillion dollar deals, then one was definitely good enough to drive my future wife and I around on one of the most important days of our lives.I contacted the company and explained what I wanted to do, and they recommended a luxury vehicle that would be perfect for the occasion.

The driver picked me up first at my house. We then went to get my girlfriend at her house. She knew we were going out to dinner, but she thought it was a fancy dinner to celebrate my dad’s promotion at work. While he did get promoted, the celebration was strictly about me and her that night. When we pulled up to our favorite restaurant, I think she realized what was happening because we rarely get to go there because it is so expensive. The rest of the night went perfectly, and it was such a romantic touch to have a chauffeur take us to the various places I wanted to show her before popping the big question. She said yes, by the way!

Reasons to Use Weld Fume Filter Machines

I have always been concerned with safety ever since I learned to weld years ago. My first exposure to the fumes of welding let me know I needed to do something to protect myself for the long term. I would wear a respirator when other guys just breathed the stuff in. Now that I have my own welding shop, I use weld fume filter machines at every station. We also have whole building ventilation to keep the air as clean of welding fumes as possible. Two things you are really concerned about as a welder for the long term are your eyes and your lungs. The occasional slag burn is just part of the job.

I try to make it so no fumes are detectable. We have air quality analysis done on a regular basis. It can vary from season to season and depending on what is being welded. Our weld fume filter machines are much appreciated by the welders. No more burning throats or coughing. Not more foul taste in your mouth from exposure to hazardous particulates. The off-gassing from welding can be toxic. Your average welder can take breathing in the fumes and keep on welding, but it is not good for his or her health. This is why my shop is outfitted with the machines that filter out all of the fumes made by welding.

The system we use has a metal filter to catch all of the sparks, then a pleated filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. The multistage system cleans the air of the byproduct gases and particulates thrown off during the welding process. Keeping my employees breathing well improves their productivity too. Your workers will work and not complain because they are either used to it or just want to keep their jobs. However, it is your responsibility to make sure they are breathing clean air so they can still breathe when they retire.

How Far Have CCTV Cameras Come?

Technology used to advance about once every 18 months. Then it was 12 months. I am talking exponential advancements. The leaps and bounds that are extraordinary in technology. Of course, some things advance more quickly than others. In the area of CCTV cameras I have noticed they have come a long way. Probably everyone has seen footage on the news from a surveillance camera attempting to show details of a suspect of a crime. The old bank surveillance camera footage showed from bank robberies is something most are familiar with. Probably everyone wonders how they can have a mobile phone that takes extraordinary pictures and a bank has such lousy cameras.

The problem is that commercial establishments often keep the same cameras for many years. New technology with CCTV cameras allows super resolution in any light with the capability to zoom in so close as to see the serial numbers on currency being exchanged by a teller or cashier. Also, cameras can be so small they are undetectable. One of the coolest features is remote viewing. A homeowner or business owner can view what the cameras are seeing from any Internet connected smartphone, computer or tablet.

Another great feature of modern CCTV cameras is the ability to store on a DVR a year’s worth of footage from a multiple camera system. Copies of the footage can be continuously uploaded to a cloud server to protect it from loss or tampering. Now the neatest thing is that this technology is affordable to your average homeowner and flat dweller. You can even purchase and install cameras like this yourself. In other words, a student living in a flat can have a higher quality surveillance camera system than the place he does his banking. The commercial establishments could to. They just need to update.

High Standards Created a Great Building

I don’t think anyone was more surprised than me when my business took off as quickly as it did. I knew that I had a great idea and a fantastic team, but I still thought it would take a few years to achieve true success. By the end of the first year, our goals had been realized four times over, and the future looked extremely bright because of three lucrative contracts. I knew that it was time to start looking at architects in South London because a company as successful as mine needed to be housed in a modern building that showed how successful we actually are.

The building we were in was sufficient for a company starting up, but our success proved that we needed to be on our own. I purchased a plot of land, and I met with an architecture company that had designed a building that I really admire in London. I knew that I wanted them to be on board because their vision with architecture was equivalent to my vision with my business. Because of that, I knew that they were the right team to design and construct the headquarters for my business.

What really impressed me was their game plan. I thought that I would meet with someone, then I would hear back with some plans. It was so much more involved than that though. They actually have five different stages that start with a consultation and ends with the completion of the building. Each phase is handled with the highest of standards, and I knew that I was leaving this is in good hands. The architecture company not only designed a great modern building for me, but they added things to it that I did not even know I needed. Their vision made it possible for me to have one of the nicest office complexes in the city, which only helps me even more!

Decorating the Kids Rooms Now

Jan and I have been getting ready to move in to the new place. Right now we are decorating Michael’s room and the nursery. Of course we had to get a new place because there is going to be one more of us and the old apartment just was not going to be big enough for the four of us. My Dad found a place that sells these really big wall stickers in the UK. Of course Michael plays his Wii all of the time when he is over at their place and so Dad bought him the stickers of the characters from one of the Mario games. He has one of the Princess and there is the little green animal type thing, it is called Yoshi I think. Then there is Mario and his brother who wears green clothes that look just like the ones that Mario wears. I am guessing that Michael is going to love it, but we have to do a lot of work before the place is ready to move in to.

Right now we are going to wait until school is out before we move. That is the easiest thing to do. Michael is in kindergarten so it is not like there would be a lot of disruption if we took him out, but it is obviously a lot easier to let him finish up this year and then he can start fresh when he is in the first grade. He will have to be in child care in the short term, but his Mom is going to take care of him and the other baby after it has been born. We shall have a lot going on at that point in time and my Mother in law may come and help us out a bit.