Picking a Great Race Horse

I have decided to try my hand at owning race horses. I know that it is not very likely that I will own the next Secretariat. But I have high hopes for the horses I am going to own. I have not decided to buy any horses yet, but I will probably make a decision on that pretty soon. I am going to look for a trainer, that will be able to train the horses that I buy, and to turn them into champion horses.

That would be ideal, because I really want my horses to win a few races, at the least. It would be quite upsetting to own horses, and to never have them win any races. I wonder how many people own horses that are never winners. That would be an interesting statistic to look into, but I doubt anyone has bothered to count the number. Right now, I am trying to find out more information about trainers. It will be very important for me to pick a trainer that has a lot of experience in training horses.

But probably the harder part of the task that lays ahead of me, is picking the right horses. I know that genetics comes into play, and may be the most important factor in determining whether a horse can win races. But it can be kind of random, because of how genes are mixed up and such, when a horse mates with another horse. The offspring might not even inherit the traits that made the parents great. It can be a bit random in that regard, but there are definitely lineages that produce better horses. I am just going to try to do my best to pick horses that will grow to be quite excellent during races. It is easier said than done, no doubt.

Bead and Breakfast Inns in Greece

I am going to take my wife to Greece on a trip for our anniversary. It should be a very romantic affair, and I am hoping that it will go as smoothly as I have in mind. She is of Greek heritage, and she really loves to travel. So this seems like the perfect place to take her for our anniversary. I am looking for a listing of some Greece bed and breakfast locations, as I would like to start making arrangements for the trip.

I think that a bed and breakfast is the perfect sort of cozy place for us to stay, on at least few nights of our trip to Greece. We are going to get out, and see as much of the country as we can. I know that I want to see some important historical sites, and try to visit the beach as much as possible.